Sunday Business Post – User experience is everything in mobility.

There is an increasing demand by many Irish companies to conduct business while on the move as communication becomes a vital part of doing business effectively and efficiently. Which means that the workforce needs to be contactable through enterprise devices and have access to business-critical information at all times. A recent article by the Sunday Business Post on Enterprise Mobility Flexibility in Transit explores this growing trend and how it can benefit Irish companies.

VisionID’s, Chief Commercial officer Kenneth Arthur took part in this article explaining how there are two big drivers for enterprise mobility in the workplace, customers wanting to improve efficiency and processes. He also discusses how there is a big demand from customers to reduce or remove the paper-based process. They are now using an enterprise mobility solution to achieve that by giving staff enterprise-grade mobile devices that will allow them to complete more tasks while on the move. Enabling them to increase productivity and providing ac­cess to real-time information to enable better decision-making. The result is end-to-end visibility throughout the company.

Read the Enterprise Mobility Flexibility in Transit article, to find out more the benefits of enterprise mobility. 

By visionid | Dec 04, 2018 | News

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