Sunday Business Post: Tracing the outline of tomorrow’s office

In the latest issue of the Sunday Business Post our Chief Commercial Officer Kenneth Arthur featured in an article discussing one of VisionID’s latest solutions SureTraceID.

Kenneth speaks about some of the issues that businesses have faced throughout the Covid-19 pandemic such as remote working and social distancing, both of which can be difficult to achieve depending on the industry. Kenneth highlights that a lot of sectors such as manufacturing and healthcare have been unable to move to remote working and have had to find ways to adapt and carry on working throughout the pandemic. With employees working in the office or returning to the office after working from home, and the increase of hybrid models for a mix of both, companies are facing difficulties when it comes to implementing effective contact tracing and social distancing measures.

VisionID has found a solution to these issues with SureTraceID and Kenneth discusses how effective the solution is for social distancing and how it can be adapted to the needs of each business or industry.

“We designed SureTraceID, a contact tracing solution and people were using it to keep the production lines open, but now they're starting to get the office back in too” 

SureTraceID ensures social distancing is followed correctly and provides employees with the tools they need to feel safe on their return to work. In the article Kenneth details how SureTraceID works and how companies can use it to keep employees safe when in the workplace or returning to the workplace for the first time.

To learn more please read the full article here.

By visionid | Jul 12, 2021 | News

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