Sunday Business Post – ICT in Retail 2017

Online shopping is continuing to grow, but advancements in retail technology are set to change the brick and mortar shopping experience. The Sunday Business Post ran an “ICT in Retail 2017” article giving insight into technology in the retail sector. Kenneth Arthur, Chief Commercial Officer for VisionID, discussed the technologies used to aid retailers in providing a better customer in-store experience and improving the efficiency of their inventory and stock management.

Technologies such as electronic shelf edge labelling (ESL), enable centralised price management to ensure reliable pricing across all stores. Arming staff with mobile computers and tablets enables them conduct stock takes more efficiently, order stock effectively and to support customer queries on stock availability without leaving the customer side.

These technologies will benefit both the retailer and customers, as retail staff will be well informed on stock information and will be using their time more effectively, this enables them to provide the customer with a more enhanced in-store experience.

By implementing an RFID inventory management system in the warehouse, warehouse staff can track and update inventory in real time with their mobile computers. This will improve overall efficiency in the warehouse ensuring that stock demands are met and available to the customer.

Read the ICT in Retail article to find out more how you can improve customer experience instore.

By visionid | Aug 12, 2017 | News

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