Sunday Business Post: Healthcare data in the palm of your hand.

The life science industry is worth €7 billion in Ireland each year, with nine of the top ten entities having a presence in the country.

In a recent Sunday Business Post Article, Andrew Daly from VisionID explains how capturing data is becoming more critical across the life science industry. The industry is looking at how to connect, combine and share data to better fuel innovation, and help streamline processes. Accurately capturing data, with the latest data capture technology, reduces errors and improves productivity.

Another way to improve operations across the life science industry is the introduction of mobile workstations. By implementing a powered mobile workstations employee gain approximately 42 minutes of productivity per day.  VisionID have recently partnered with Kinetic-ID, to provide fully customisable mobile workstations to customers across all industry sectors.

Read “Healthcare data in the palm of your hand”, to learn more about Data Capture and Mobile Workstations in Life Sciences.

By visionid | Jun 12, 2019 | News

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