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Companies that have a large number of mobile devices have the major headache of managing and supporting all of the devices. It would require a lot of resources and time from the organisation in terms of IT staff having to manage and support the devices, which inevitably increases costs. Also, this could divert attention and resources from the company’s core business. In the recent Connected magazine, Kenneth Arthur, Chief Commercial Officer at VisionID discussed the benefits of outsourcing support through a managed service.

VisionID has seen a growing interest in organisations looking not only for more mobile devices but also looking for extra support in maintaining their technology investment, for example, by outsourcing support for these devices. With this in mind, VisionID provides a complete enterprise mobility solution by, providing the hardware such as rugged mobile handheld devices and rugged tablets, coupling that with managed service.

As part of the support package, VisionID can remotely access devices to conduct updates and resolve any issues which occur. By including a managed service with the enterprise mobility solution organisations will have peace of mind knowing that they have the ongoing support of their devices, allowing them to concentrate on their core business function. Focusing time and resources on key tasks that will increase operational efficiency both inside and outside the four walls.

Read the Sunday Business Post Enterprise Mobility article here to get the full overview of how enterprise mobility will benefit organisations.

By visionid | Aug 12, 2017 | News

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