Sunday Business Post - A vision for a data-centric hospital

When we think about healthcare technology, we would think about CT scanners, gene sequencing or other vital diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. But rarely we would think of healthcare technology as the basic IT systems such as IT systems that administration would use and that also plays a vital role in the treatment and care of patients. 


In a recent Sunday Business Post “A vision for a data-centric hospital” article Andrew Daly VisionID Sale Manager discusses how key technologies can benefit the tracking of patients and specimen sample in the hospital. Picking the right technology for the hospital needs whether that would be a mobile computer with an anti-microbial housing to reduce the spread of germs or a rugged device the can withstand everyday drops and can still perform application without fail. How this is being recognised by the HSE as VisionID are currently involved in HSE project designed to track blood tests.


Read the "A vision for a data-centric hospital" article to find out more about the benefit of implementing data capture technologies into the hospital today.

By visionid | Nov 06, 2018 | News

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