Newstalk: SureTraceID Enterprise Social Distancing and Contact Tracing

In late July Kenneth Arthur from VisionID took to the Airwaves with Vincent Wall on NewsTalk to discuss the launch of VisoinID’s Social Distancing Solution.

Kenneth Arthur, chief commercial officer, told Breakfast Business: "Many offices are preparing to re-open in August/September time, we wanted to help ensure social distancing in the workplace.”

A short few months later we see schools, and workplaces begin to reopen, and in adapting this “live with the virus approach”, safety measures have never been so vital.

VisionID’s Social Distancing Solution l Enables a safe return to work for all, as this unique solution not only promotes and enables correct social distancing, it also offers an automated contact tracing solution.

This enables quick, accurate and effective contact tracing in the event of an infectious outbreak.

To learn more about this solution please click here.

For more on the NewsTalk article please click here.

By visionid | Sep 28, 2020 | News

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