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There is a growing shift in the rugged mobile technology world with more organisations making the OS switch to Android due to the end of support of Window CE. Companies want to ensure devices are secure from any potential cyber risks while out in the field and, this is leading to a greater need for a more managed service on devices and remote support.

On the Sunday Business Post “Mobile Business the Writing’s on the Wall” edition, Kenneth Arthur, Chief Commercial Officer for VisionID gave insights to the growing trends in the rugged mobile technology world, mentioning the growing interest in Android devices and the benefits of organisations who are making the OS switch. Benefits such as the easy transition to Android as many workers would be similar to the application from consumer use and future proofing your devices.

Kenneth also gives highlights from an ongoing VisionID Enterprise Mobility project where we manage 800 mobile devices in Britain and Ireland offering remote support for the devices when out in the field. He also explains how managed services is not a one size fits all scenario as different industries have different requirements such as retail and healthcare.

Read the “Mobile Business The Writings On The Wall” article to find out more about changes happening in the mobile technology.

By visionid | Feb 07, 2018 | News

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