Manufacturing and AI: Manufacturing Digs Deep with Intelligent Design

Manufacturing is changing, and information technology is at the heart of that change. But what are the advantages of these changes? And why should manufacturing industries implement this information technology in their factory? Due to increased artificial intelligence embedded in this technology massive increases in both accuracy and flexibility on factory floors can be expected. 

In a recent Sunday Business Post article Gavin Smyth, VisionID Sales Manager explains how recent changes in artificial intelligence and information technology can make vast improvements in the manufacturing industry. 

Machine vision technology traditionally used cameras which required a lot of set-up and users would have to teach the camera what to look for. Now deep learning technology can learn what a good product is. So, instead of looking for pre-defined flaws, deep learning technology allows the machine to understand the characteristics of a good product. From there the machine can carry out high quality tasks and make a judgment calls, increasing accuracy and minimising errors. 

For more information on how Artificial Intelligence and its influence on manufacturing read the full Manufacturing digs deep with intelligent design article

By visionid | Nov 02, 2018 | News

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