Learn, Adapt and Thrive in Business: the business podcast series

VisionID were delighted to take part in the Learn, Adapt and Thrive in Business: the business podcast series.

This new podcast series, hosted by journalist and broadcaster Susan Keogh, give’s listeners insights from a hand-picked selection of Ireland’s resilient business leaders.

The guest for the fifth episode of this series was VisionID’s managing director, Robert Jones.

 Robert shares how VisionID was founded, how the company adapted during the pandemic and other key learnings from 21 years in business.

The interview gives an insight into VisionID’s most successful solution over the past 6 months SureTraceID. As well as delving into the needs of remote technology solutions.

Robert gives great credit to the team of people behind him, that finding the right people is critical to the success of any company.

Listen to the full podcast here.

By visionid | Feb 05, 2021 | News

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