Introducing the new ET40/45 Tablets from Zebra Technologies

Meet the perfect replacement to consumer-grade tablets — the ET40/ET45 enterprise rugged tablets. You get everything your workers need to do business better and faster right out of the box, in a durable device built to last — all at the right price.

Consumer-grade tablets might appear to be a cost-effective option for your business because the price is right. But without the right features, savings can quickly turn into substantial hidden costs — you may need to purchase a case to increase durability, a scanner for intense scanning tasks and more frequent device replacements. Introducing the perfect solution — the ET40/ET45 — the right priced rugged enterprise tablets with all the features you need to do business, right out of the box.

The enterprise-grade ET4x series is a general-purpose set of rugged tablets ideal for a wide range of use cases for delivery drivers and fulfilment personnel performing assisted selling and line busting tasks.

The ET4x series enables retailers to further improve the in-store customer experience by providing flexibility and support for multiple point-of-sale (POS) applications, leveraging purpose-built business-class accessories. The payment-ready tablets feature options including tap-to-pay functionality for mobile POS, a new presentation stand for self-service and fixed POS, and a workstation set up providing a desktop-like experience.

The ET40/45 also comes in a healthcare specific version - the ET40/45-HC range. Consumer grade tablets without healthcare features can add cost and safety concerns such as the inability to disinfect devices enabling the spread of germs. These devices will also have to be frequently replaced devices due to lack of durability. The ET40-HC and ET45-HC offers all the enterprise healthcare features you need, all at the right price. The rugged design of these devices is built to last for years - and handle constant disinfecting. 

These versatile tablets are at home everywhere — in the hands of caregivers in acute settings and patient homes, at bedside in patient rooms and in reception areas as check-in kiosks. Help your caregivers work at the top of their license with the ET40/45-HC Series — the right priced rugged tablets built for healthcare.

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By visionid | Jul 05, 2022 | News

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