ID the key to Internet of Things, says VisionID’s Jones

When you read articles on the Internet of Things (IoT) it’s mostly associated with smart consumer devices such as smart fridges and home control centres.

But less is spoken about IoT’s smart business applications and how for IoT to function properly it needs one fundamental element: identity. Making sure the devices that you want to connect to have a unique identifier together with an IP address is the core requirements for IOT.

Robert Jones, VisionID’s Managing Director has delivered numerous pieces on IOT over the last few years. One of which was with TechCentral where he discussed how it can be used in manufacturing to create a smarter manufacturing process. By using RFID technology in a manufacturing environment, it enables maximum efficiency by tracking items and allowing certain elements of the manufacturing process communicate in a fully integrated plan. This could include machines, trolleys, tools, and conveyor belts.

Read the full ID the key to Internet of Things TechCentral article for find out more about how IoT can benefit manufacturers.

By visionid | Mar 28, 2018 | News

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