HISI Conference and Scientific Symposium 2019

VisionID were delighted to return to exhibit at the 24th annual HISI Conference and Scientific Symposium last week.

The HISI conference offered attendees the opportunity to see some of the latest developments in eHealth around Ireland and across the globe. VisionID exhibited both days with ASD, giving information and demonstrations of the latest healthcare solutions.


Dave Browne from ASD and Peter Brogle, VisionID’s Location Solutions and RFID Specialist were on hand to answer any questions attendees had regarding tracking asset’s or people in a hospital using RFID.

Every year at HISI we notice how RFID technology is fast becoming one of the most talked-about and implemented solutions in the healthcare sector.  Hospitals in Ireland are adopting RFID technology for tracking of patients with RFID enabled wristbands and tracking specimen samples from the operating room to the lab all with RFID labels. RFID technology is even being used to track medical equipment, allowing the hospital to analyse the usage and maintenance history, ensuring that the medical equipment is being used correctly and checked regularly.

Mobile Workstations:

Another popular solution at HISI this year was mobile workstations from partners Kinetic-ID. There is a full range of powered and non-powered mobile workstations designed specifically for healthcare. Mobile workstations enable the medical professional to complete more tasks on the move, improving areas such as the administration of medication and the viewing and updating of EHRs. To learn more about VisionID’s mobile workstations click here.

VisionID would like to thank the organisers of HISI for a well-run event, and to all the delegates who took the time to come and meet with us about our various solutions. We look forward to next year’s event.

By visionid | Dec 04, 2019 | News

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