Proud sponsors of the Clonmel Junction Arts Festival 2018

The Clonmel Junction Festival has just had their 18th year which brought the best in live music, theatre, street performance, comedy, visual art and food events, celebrating the wealth of talent available in Tipperary. This week-long festival celebrated local artist on the Home-Grown Hero’s strand and featured award-winning theatre, cutting-edge dancing, live music, traditional music and circus performance catering to all ages and tastes.

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The New Zebra ZD510-HC Wristband Printing Solution

Zebra Technologies have launched the new ZD510-HC wristband printer that runs on Link-OS and is supported by Zebra powerful Print DNA applications, utilities and developer tools providing powerful new features that will simplify everything from integration to day-to-day management. All allow the printer to content to the hospitals networks for a more efficient patient management system.

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Zebra Technologies have launched a new series of mobile label printers – ZQ600, ZQ600 Healthcare and ZQ300

Zebra technologies has launched a number of new mobile printers to suit various applications whether it inside or outside the four walls. Shelf edge labelling or price mark down label in the retail store or specimen labelling or blood labelling in a hospital these new series of mobile label printers with have you covered.

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The launch of Zebra technologies new series of card printers – ZC100, ZC300 and ZC350

Zebra Technologies has recently launched a new range of card printer to help cater better to the client's needs. These card printers differ in range to mid to high output depending on the application.

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Supply Chain Management – Make or Break – The Struggle to Share

In a recent Sunday Business Post article, VisionID Sales Manager Andrew Daly discusses how data capture technologies can improve supply chain management and reduce instances of breakdowns in the supply chain.

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VisionID and GS1 Ireland joint webinar on RFID technology in Healthcare

RFID technology has been around for many years, but only recently the healthcare sector has started to embrace the applications and benefits it can offer. With VisionID being part of a number of RFID projects in hospitals across Ireland over the past five years, we are seeing a growing interest in RFID with applications such as tracking and management of assets, devices, supplies, precious samples and patients.

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ID the key to Internet of Things, says VisionID’s Jones

Robert Jones, VisionID’s Managing Director has delivered numerous pieces on IOT over the last few years. One of which was with TechCentral where he discussed how it can be used in manufacturing to create a smarter manufacturing process.

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Zebra TC25 - The rugged smartphone designed for small business

Zebra technologies have launched a new rugged Android operated smartphone, designed for field use and rough environments. For field workers who work in delivering parcels, repairing equipment or providing services such as plumbing and electrical. They need a tool that has a fast connection and smart technology that will allow them to complete more tasks while on the move.

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Mobile Business - the writings on the wall

There is a growing shift in the rugged mobile technology world with more organisations making the OS switch to Android due to the end of support of Window CE. Read our recent article explaining the benefits of Enterprise Mobility solutions utilising Android.

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The MC3300 - The next generation in business-class Android mobile devices.

Zebra Technologies have launched the MC3300 mobile computer, their new rugged, keypad based handheld computer based on Zebra’s field proven Android platform with guaranteed security support via Lifeguard.

By visionid | Jan 31, 2018 | News Read More
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