Bluetooth: Reducing food waste and loss of RTI’s

Date: April 18th

Time: 14:00pm

Did you know that 40% of all food in the supply chain is wasted before it even makes it to retailers’ shelves?

The food shortage crisis is only the first of many challenges retailers will face if we do not make changes towards achieving a more sustainable supply chain. On average up to 30% of plastic totes (RTIs) used in the food transportation and storage are lost each year. The misplacement of these RTIs results in further losses and wasted produce. This also increases the need for production of more plastic totes than are necessary with the proper traceability systems in place, and creates unnecessary cost and environmental impact for retailers in an already challenging economy.

The use of Bluetooth labels can reduce food waste while also increasing shelf life and ROI for retailers. To learn how, register your attendance to Peak Technologies' and Wiliot’s upcoming webinar.

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  • Introduction
  • Temperature Tracking use cases
  • Sustainability and Food Waste
  • Q&A

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Steve Statler

Steve Statler is the author of Beacon Technologies, the presenter of the Mister Beacon podcast and Chief Marketing Officer at Wiliot, a company he joined shortly after it was founded. Wiliot is a Sensing as a Service, cloud and semiconductor company, providing “Intelligence for Every Thing” using its IoT Pixel tags.

Thaddeus Segura

Thaddeus Segura is the Vice President of Data Products an Algorithms at Wiliot, where he leads a globally distributed team of analysts, data scientists, and product managers. Wiliot have invented a small Bluetooth computer that is passively powered through radio waves in the air which can be used as a general purpose IoT Sensor. 

Simon Fleming

Simon Fleming is the Director of Innovation at Peak Technologies, with over 15 years of experience in the IT and Data Capture Industry. Responsible for driving Innovation and industry 4.0 trends in RFID, Augmented Reality, IoT and Data Capture across our multinational customer base. 

Antony Yousefian 

Antony Yousefian started his career in asset management and investment banking, where he experienced the ESG capital wave and how the market was moving fast to quantification and impact measurement. With the desire accelerate positive change with finance, he started investing in early-stage start-ups that solved for this problem. He's spent the last few years building an developing solutions for agtech and climatech which can drive system level change. 

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