Manufacturing 2020 – Perfect Vision

Optimise Production with Insights from Technology

The term”2020” is associated with perfect eye sight and VisionID believes it’s an ideal phrase to use in the context of deploying the right technology in your manufacturing facility – both to have the right strategic vision to take the business through to the year 2020 and to have clear visibility on your day-to-day manufacturing processes.

To guide you through the best approach to implementing the right tech to achieve a smarter, better-connected manufacturing facility, we’ve developed this manufacturing guide which outlines a modular approach that factories can introduce over time to optimise manufacturing. This article outlines some of the considerations explored in the guide.

RFID Increases visibility

RFID technology, combined with Wi-Fi, offers the opportunity for manufacturers to have more visibility on the stages (processes) and gates (checks) of their operations than conventional barcoding systems can facilitate. The number of RFID gates to be implemented is entirely flexible and dependent on business requirements – this makes it easy to implement and businesses can supplement existing checks without the need for a complete changeover to an RFID solution. This also makes it flexible in terms of managing the investment cost over time. Having said that, better and more timely information on the operational efficiencies of your production lines will typically lead to cost savings so it’s worth discussing the best approach with Vision ID.

Component Suppliers & Their Customer’s Requirements

We’ve worked with a huge number of manufacturers supplying into OEM’s and Tier 1 manufacturers and one of the challenges they often face is keeping up with the demands of their customers, who may have heavily invested in automation and eKanban principles and require their suppliers to do like-wise or to integrate with their processes in a seamless way. This can put pressure on Tier 2 and 3 suppliers to invest in technologies where the ultimate value to their own business is unknown. And of course it requires investment. If your business is in this position and needs to achieve efficiencies to meet customer requirements e.g. by handling orders more quickly, cutting storage costs, improving productivity etc. – then VisionID has the expertise, the experience and the technology to help you to develop the best approach, in the most cost-effective manner.

Tech-Check List for Manufacturers

No doubt you’ve invested in technology to improve your manufacturing processes already so you might be wondering exactly where efficiencies can be gained, what RFID can really do or what new technologies are out there that you should consider. Our manufacturing guide goes through the entire production process; from Goods In through to Goods Out (and everything in between) and we document the opportunity for improvement (where issues lie), the possible solutions and related technologies and the benefits that may be gained. For each element of the process, we have compiled a set of questions you can use to help identify opportunities for improvement. It’s well worth reading through these checklists – you can be sure that many of your competitors at home and abroad are working through these issues already.
Perfect Production? Think 2020 VisionID

If you are one of the many Irish manufacturers keen to embrace new technologies to achieve productivity gains, then talk to the definitive experts in the marketplace. VisionID can give you clarity on your operations and can help to identify immediate and long-term efficiencies.

If you want to discuss your requirements, please do Contact us now – we’d be delighted to share our expertise and give useful guidance on the best way forward.

By visionid | Oct 24, 2016 | Blog

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