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Harsh Environment? Discover the Ultimate Mobile Computer.

If you’re looking for a mobile computer that combines best-in-class technology with a rugged, robust design-one that can withstand the most demanding environments – realistically your options are limited. This is despite the fact that there are many work situations that make more demands on technology than a traditional laptop or hand-held computer can withstand.

Proven, Powerful Technology

Look out for equipment that offer cutting-edge technology too though as a powerful machine will improve productivity and deliver process efficiencies. In fact, some rugged mobile computers are hugely sophisticated now and the gold standard to look out for is a device that can combine reliable barcode scanning with the power to run apps and support the fastest Wi-Fi connection available. ERP systems can be complex so to run multiple systems effectively, you’ll need a dual core 1GHz processor and ideally GB of flash memory. The MC9200 delivers this and more with up to 64GB of additional SD memory. It’s also compatible with any existing MC9000 Series accessories you might already own.

If you need to track inventory in any sector from retail, manufacturing or transport & logistics in the lashing rain or freezing cold then you will need a mobile computer that can withstand harsh and heavy wear & tear. If a rugged construction is one of the boxes ticked, in this context its worth checking out MC9200.

Flexible for Many Applications

Because there are numerous applications where a rugged mobile computer is required – inventory counts, price verification, fleet tracking, security screening, asset management and many more – the equipment you choose will need to be easily adapted for its proposed use. There are certain features that will facilitate this readily. If you’re scanning barcodes, then it’s essential to have a scan engine that’s optimal given the codes you’re scanning – 1D and 2D codes. So, a mobile computer that gives you a comprehensive choice of scan engines is best as this also gives you the flexibility to scan different code formats into the future.

Similarly, different keypads work best for different applications and computers like the MC9200 offer a variety of keypads which can be switched over on-site within minutes, so the optimal data input system can be achieved on-the-spot for any given application.

Safety and Government Grade Security

For government agencies involved in security, like the armed forces and for those operating in the health service, efficient mobile technology can simply improve efficiencies but in certain circumstances, it can save lives. Asset tracking, inspections and maintenance on equipment and fleet management all need to be implemented in a reliable manner to support these services. The MC9200 is the definitive mobile computer, proven to be dependable, efficient and accurate and therefore it’s ideal for use in the field under pressurised circumstances. It also offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth security certification for added protection in sensitive situations.

Unique selling points

For enterprise applications, the MC9200 premier edition offers extra memory and the latest Microsoft mobile operation systems providing the power to run complex ERP applications. From talking to customers one of the many unique selling points for the MC9200 is that the MC9200 is future-proofing their business. This is because if enterprises ever move to android from windows the MC9200 can move with the enterprise and vic versa. In the supply chain, operational efficiency is one of the major key factors enterprises strive for. One of our customers in recent times found that with the technologist’s advancements of the dual core processor the MC9200 is superior from previous models. In a real-life scenario, the MC9200 started up within two seconds compared to the previous model which was upgraded took 18 seconds to start up.

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By visionid | Nov 28, 2016 | Blog

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