Zero Touch Solutions for Remote Operations with the HMT-1

Around the world the way we do business is changing, due to social distancing many of us have to look at new and innovative ways to carry out daily tasks. VisionID and RealWare can offer a number of technologies and solutions that will enable your business to stay operational, while maintaining social distance.


A Hands free remote collaboration tool from RealWare is proven to;

  • Eliminate down time by 75%.
  • Reduce Travel Footprint.
  • Improve Safety and Productivity.

The camera of the HMT-1 enables those working off sight to see exactly what the operator of the device is seeing.

Technicians improve efficiency and accuracy by using the voice-activated HMT-1 with remote mentor solutions to: connect hands free with Product Quality Engineers (PQEs), capture images and videos, playback training videos, refer to manuals, and more.

Through peer-to-peer video collaboration on the HMT-1, experts can provide assistance by telestrating remotely to pin-point the exact issue – even in high-noise environments. Hands-free communication permits technicians the use of tools to operate machines.

Key features of the HMT-1:

  • Water Resistant.
  • Dust Tight.
  • Drop Proof.
  • Built Rugged
  • Full Shift Internal Battery.



To find out more about the HMT-1 visit HMT-1 product page or contact

By visionid | Apr 21, 2020 | Blog

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