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Print and Apply Technology, and automated barcode labelling has a long list of advantages when compared to traditional manual labelling processes.

Advantages include reducing errors and speeding up processes, but there are also the cost benefits of implementing an automated barcode labelling process/print and apply technology.

Consider the cost effect of human errors, taking the example of manufacturers who supply food products to supermarkets. A wrongly or poorly labelled product can be very expensive to the manufacturer, as well as posing potential threats to the customer relationship with the supermarket.

If a product is wrongly labelled, or the label is damaged or doesn’t scan correctly, a whole delivery of stock can be returned to the factory. The cost of taking back a full delivery, inspecting and re-working the barcodes is expensive, and for short shelf-life products like dairy goods, sometimes the products are simply wasted.

Removing the risk of human error, with 100% label verification and validation with print and apply technology, will save cost on wasted deliveries, and also protect customer revenue.

Customer’s of Cobalt Systems in the UK who have moved from their traditional label processes to an automated system has seen some great results. One company achieved 25% more output on the line with an 18-month ROI.  Immediately seeing cost benefits, and enabling the growth of their business.

As more manufacturers look to evaluate their labelling operations, the question today should not just be about what savings can be achieved, but what the consequences are for not investing. 

Find out more about print and apply technology here.

By visionid | Nov 12, 2019 | Blog

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