Wireless Networks in Industrial Spaces

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When it comes to wireless communications, most industrial and manufacturing environments are between 3 and 5 years’ behind other operational facilities, such as carpeted office space. On top of that, a recent Automation World survey revealed that up to 75% of respondents lacked confidence in their current network setup. And it has also been reported that when IT executives claim to have installed seamless connectivity in a manufacturing setting, about half of their executive team dis-agree.

These stats. strongly suggest that many manufacturers haven’t harnessed the significant commercial benefits delivered by effective wireless connectivity. And factory managers may simply feel daunted by the prospect of getting to grips with the technology, or they may have previously worked with a supplier that didn’t fully deliver an effective system or didn’t offer best advice in terms of harnessing the opportunity.

If you feel your wireless set-up needs to be addressed, then it’s worth reading on as we’ve devised a simple set of questions to help you identify the best way forward. Though it’s important to note at this stage that while it’s necessary to understand the key factors that help specify the right wireless solution, you don’t have to become a tech whizz as specialist suppliers such as VisionID will work with you to scope the best solution

And it’s timely to consider your options now, as many manufacturers are currently investing in enterprise grade wireless infrastructure to drive productivity and if you want to compete effectively into the future, it’s important to know what’s available. Also in many sectors, you may have an immediate opportunity to distinguish yourself from your competitors now, before others invest in effective systems.

VisionID has extensive experience in working with manufacturing facilities to plan and install effective connectivity, delivering significant business benefits. These questions have been developed to help you clarify your current set-up and identify the most appropriate Wireless LAN for your manufacturing facility.

Can your wireless LAN Support Connectivity in a Complex Environment?

Most industrial manufacturing environments are complex in terms of function and workflow, with many moving parts and they typically include the transportation of components through indoor and outdoor spaces. So is your Wireless LAN sufficient to

It is critical to have seamless adaptable communication systems in place in this type of setting, as this will enable the factory to harness the systems that can deliver significant efficiencies in productivity. 

Can your Wireless Network Support a Variety of Devices?

Manufacturing facilities typically operate using a whole host of devices such as laptops, tablets, barcode scanners, machine vision and RFID readers and more. Automated manufacturing processes may even be managed remotely via a mobile phone. Your wireless network will need to support all this hardware and software in a robust, seamless manner. You may also have automated processing managed through your mobile phone or other handheld devices. So a good enterprise grade wireless infrastructure will have the capability of keeping all your devices communicating in a stable, reliable manner.

Can your network Deliver Optimum Bandwidth for all Applications?

Online browsing, cloud-based applications, video and voice-based digital services all suck up a significant amount of bandwidth and manufacturing plants need to ensure that their wireless set-up has sufficient bandwidth to meet the demands of the business and that you have the ability to control the throughput of data effectively.

VisionID can offer expert advice in this respect.

Do you have the Tools to Manage your Network in Real-Time?

If you’re using systems to manage and monitor your production line in real time, then it’s essential to have access to the tools and resources to manage the wireless network in real time too. There’s little point in investing in hardware and software tools to improve productivity if the wireless network they operate through isn’t easy to maintain and manage. A comprehensive system will automatically undertake pro-active trouble-shooting and will offer system-wide security and protection against cyber-attacks.

Can you Deploy a Unified and Optimised WLAN Across All Environments?

A typical factory not only has outdoor logistics space, indoor manufacturing areas, perhaps some carpeted office space and storage areas – it also caters for a number of different functions such as production, distribution, purchasing, research and development, marketing etc Strong communications across all these functions will depend heavily on effective connectivity – and only an enterprise grade wireless infrastructure can deliver a robust solution.
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Is your current system able to meet the complex demands of your manufacturing plant? If you operate in an industrial setting, then you’ll need industrial-strength wireless. And while it’s essential to carefully consider the set-up up you require and choose the right solution – this is not something you have to do in isolation.

VisionID has extensive experience implementing intelligent solutions into manufacturing facilities – systems that improve connectivity and increase productivity. Our offering includes

  • Site Survey
  • Report, Recommendations, Quotation
  • Implementation
  • Wireless Infrastructure Support

A site survey is simple to arrange and it will enable VisionID not just to specify the optimal WLAN but we will pro-actively identify opportunities where your facility can save cost, drive productivity and optimise resources.

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