Windows CE and Embedded OS end of support in 2020: what does it mean for businesses?

R.I.P. Microsoft Windows Support:

Since Microsoft announced in early 2016 that they will end support for Windows CE and Windows Embedded operating system (OS) by 2020, businesses are now being forced to look elsewhere. Windows Embedded OS would be widely utilised on most handheld devices, everywhere from retail, healthcare, logistics and manufacturing for supply chain and inventory management tasks and, much more.

Organisations now have the daunting task of migrating to another operating system that ideally not only replaces Windows but also future proofs their investment. Failure to act now and plan for the inevitable will leave organisation open to security breaches, lack of reliability as the software will be outdated and no support will be given if issues arise and future devices will not be compatible with Windows operating systems.

The future is Android:

That is why more and more organisations are looking for other operating systems and manufacturers of enterprise grade handheld devices are taking note such as, Zebra Technologies who are now adapting their mobile devices to have an android option with built-in Mobility Extensions (Mx) that protect valuable data and prevent security breaches.

The workforce will be already familiar with Android operating systems as Android is the main OS in the consumer world, holding over 75.6% of the market share across Europe. Making it easier for the workforce to transfer from Windows to Android, with minimal training needed.

Android has the added benefit of allowing maximum flexibility and customisation so software developers can create applications that will streamline processes and improve overall operational efficiency, this type of customisation was limited with Windows embedded OS.


Taking the right steps:


Now is the time to put your plan in place to ensure that you are not caught out with the change. We have Android resources in place such as recorded talks from Zebra Technologies, Google and Soti, to aid companies that are planning their migration to Android, where you will get in-sight of Android for the workplace such as trends, security and best practices.

By visionid | Sep 06, 2018 | Blog

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