Where It Works and Will Work: Applications of SureTraceID

It’s been nigh on a year since we all enjoyed a truly carefree day. Gone, seemingly, are times when places of work, schools, care-facilities, sports-centres and gymnasiums were associated primarily with the positives of progress, development, safety and lifestyle enhancement. In 2020, any place of regular gathering and community is synonymous with viral-outbreak, cluster-infection and exacerbated risk of contracting COVID-19. We are constantly on edge with the pressure and challenge of maintaining vigilance while going about our business, study, sport, recreation, and care routines, and all with good cause.


Yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel since, with the introduction of state-of-the-art digital social-distancing and contact tracing solutions such as SureTraceID, owners, managers, employees, students, members, patients and residents frequenting places of community can rest in the security of reliable and accurate UWB proximity tracking, real-time reporting and analysis, and the ability to accurately isolate and pinpoint the movement histories and locations of those involved in contact events, so that spread can be mitigated with life-saving swiftness.


While the nature of the beast means that real-life case studies are still very much a work in progress, we can offer you some ‘intended applications’ to mull over and, hopefully, enlighten you on SureTraceID’s capabilities and viability for your unique enterprise facility, institution or place of community.


Workplaces large and small

You may be responsible for a food catering service with a contingent of just 35 cooks and cleaners, or a 10 000-employee-strong component manufacture and packing plant; you may be responsible for an accounting firm occupying a 3-room office in a small business park, or you may be responsible for overseeing the workings of a multi-level,  multi-building pharmaceutical research and development complex engulfing its own vast stretch of countryside. Regardless of the specifics, the responsibility of virus prevention, contact tracing and infection mitigation within your facility falls, in large part, on you.


Low efficacy in ensuring appropriate virus prevention, precaution and response within your enterprise (to the very best of your abilities, that is) could mean rapid spread, illness and even fatality not only among the staff members on which you rely for your own livelihood, but also among their families, their communities, and everyone they might encounter should they unknowingly contract COVID-19 in your workplace. It’s a catch 22, in which assisting your staff by keeping them productive and earning ends-meet also means putting lives at risk on a daily basis: It shouldn’t be this way, at least not in industries where danger-pay and collateral-damage risk isn’t the norm.


The good news is that, as far as protecting your employee contingent from this virus is concerned, SureTraceID represents the ‘best of your abilities’. Whether your workplace is a warehouse, construction site or office, provided that you’re able to enforce the wearing of SureTraceID device lanyards or wristbands within your facility, you’ll also be able to ensure that your employees maintain the correct social distancing protocol at all times. If they do not, and if proximity or contact events do take place, you’ll have the digital tools at your fingertips to enact swift, accurate contact tracing and follow-up. Furthermore, real time reporting and historic trend analysis from your comprehensive dashboard will enable you to make changes to operations, desks allocations and layout as you see fit.


Manufacturing Facilities


Whether its Food and Bev, Life Science, Pharmaceuticals or Clothing, Wood or metal, manufacturing of essential items has never been in such demand.

We know that often these facilities employ hundreds of people, from production lines, to shipping and warehousing to even some more office-based role. Each employee is vital to supporting and producing essential services to the greater public.

For this industry, shutting down due to Covid-19 is not the best option for society, food, medicine and clothing are all still required. Therefore it is paramount to protect your staff that provide these vital services.

In the case of an employee testing positive and potentially having infected/infecting those on their production line, there’s a good to high chance that, even with standard social distancing measures already in place, you’d need to test and place all relevant team members and supporting staff into quarantine for a minimum of 14 days.

There is also a strong possibility you’d need to temporarily halt this element of production until such time as supporting staff could be outsourced and onboarded. Dependent on the nature of this element of production, this temporary halt might put the brakes on various other elements (if not all elements) of your greater production line.

SureTraceID provides an accurate contact tracing log, which allows employers to isolate only employees potentially exposed. Causing minimal disruption to production.

Thanks to the real-time, accurate readings, and flexible tracking and tracing capacity of our Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology, you’ll have no trouble enforcing proper social distancing, contact tracing and, if necessary, isolation, of members visiting or employed at your facility, when you choose SureTraceID. Free of the various connectivity, accuracy and proximity limits of Bluetooth, our UWB based solution caters perfectly to the highly active and varied movement that is to be expected in this kind of environment.

Learn more about SureTraceID and how it could benefit your workforce here. 

By visionid | Nov 09, 2020 | Blog

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