What Are The Key Considerations When Choosing a Mobile Operating System?

The workforce mobility revolution is here….

There is a major shift occurring in the mobile operating system (OS) landscape. As Microsoft prepares to end support for Windows CE and Windows Embedded operating system (OS) by 2020, other players have made in-roads.

Google has transformed its Android OS into an enterprise-ready platform with a user interface that mirrors that of consumer-grade devices making adoption infinitely easier.

It creates the question, which modern mobile OS should you choose? To make the right decision, there are many considerations you need to understand before you commit. What are the needs of your IT department, developers and wider workforce?

We have worked closely with Google, Zebra and SOTI to create valuable resources to help business plan their migration and identify a mobile operating system that best meets their enterprise requirements. As part of our collaboration we created a number of on-demand videos, discussing Android security, global migration trends and, Android device manageability.

View our OS migration resources to get an insight on how to plan your migration and choose the best OS for your business needs.

By visionid | Feb 15, 2018 | Blog

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