VisionID’s Antimicrobial Solutions: Purpose Built Hardware With Healthcare in Mind

Patient care and infection control have never been so critical. VisionID’s wide range of Antimicrobial Technologies help suppress the growth of microorganisms and limit the transmission of harmful microbes. This helps reduce patient and staff exposure to various bacteria and viruses and lowers the risk of infection. Providing innovative technology solutions across the healthcare environment, VisionID empower healthcare professionals to enhance patient care and safety through our solutions.

Our Solutions

ID3 Mobile Workstation

Powered Mobile Workstations such as the ID-3 are growing increasingly popular within the healthcare environment. These Mobile Workstations can power any IT hardware that you specify and enables dynamic mobility to key areas within the hospital.

Non-Powered Mobile Workstations such as the ID-1 utilise lightweight materials and have an extremely low centre of gravity, which when combined creates a cart that is easy to use and manoeuvre - especially when space is an issue. All units are protected by a medical grade power supply, ensuring the system is completely safe to use, even when close to a patient!

Zebra TC52 Touch Computer 

The TC52-HC Android Touch Computer has the capabilities to deliver the ultimate in touch computing for today’s healthcare workers. It is disinfectant ready, has high-resolution video streaming, along with an improved Wi-Fi speed and range with powerful ready-to-use voice solutions and a secure messaging system.

Zebra DS8100-HC Handheld Scanner 

The DS8100-HC series scanner provides the tools healthcare personnel need to perform everyday tasks faster and more accurately by providing their patients with the best of care - from medication administration to blood verification and administration, specimen collection, admission, inventory management and more. This allows for maximum protection against the spread of bacteria.

Zebra ZD510-HC Desktop Printer 

The consistent and accurate identification of patients has long presented a challenge for healthcare organisations across the globe. From admission to discharge, VisionID’s patient identification solutions allow you to access and confirm essential patient information throughout the entire patient journey. Zebras ZD510-HC Printer is an easy-to-use cartridge-based wristband printing solution complete with antimicrobial housing.

These are just a few of VisionID’s antimicrobial solutions for healthcare specifically designed to ensure the patient is always at the heart of the care process by providing healthcare professionals with correct and most up to date information.

To learn more about VisionID’s Antimicrobial Solutions for Healthcare please click here.

By visionid | Aug 19, 2021 | Blog

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