VisionID Customer Technology Centre

The VisionID Customer Technology Centre offers visitors the opportunity to experience and engage with some of VisionID’s best in class solutions.

This state of art Customer Technology Centre offers visitors the chance to get up close with the latest in data capture, printing and mobile technology.

The centre is equipped with a full live RFID demonstration, where visitors can see first hand the benefits of tracking assets, be it in a warehouse, on a manufacturing line or in a hospital. RFID can make manufacturing processes almost entirely non-contact. With product tags automatically updated as they move through a factory, the need for human interference and monitoring is massively reduced – this can be a fantastic solution for companies looking to increase productivity, whilst keeping labour costs low.

While at the Customer Technology Centre, you can also engage with a zero-touch demonstration. This demo highlights how the VisionID’s EMM team can configure hundreds of your enterprise mobile devices, freeing up time for your IT staff, while also reducing costs.

The Customer Technology Centre is also equipped with a Cobalt Label Applicator. Cobalt Systems All-Electric Print and Apply machine enables real-time print and apply of identical labels. Which allows manufacturers to print and apply labels with efficiency and speed, therefore increasing productivity and eliminating the risk of mislabelling. The machine is resilient by design offering manufacturers total peace of mind.

The Customer Technology Centre also features the latest technology from global leaders such as Zebra, Cognex, Cobalt, Samsung and Kinetic-ID.

Sometimes seeing is believing, so get in touch today at to arrange your visit to the Customer Technology Centre.

By visionid | Sep 13, 2019 | Blog

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