Visibility in Commercial Life

We are all familiar with the term 20/20 vision and in a consumer context perfect vision is well-understood but what could it mean in a commercial setting?

We are all well aware that today’s world is infinitely more connected than previously and this new level of connectivity is transforming the way businesses work. It’s easy to get bogged down in tech terms but how can we best translate these technologies into commercial life and how can your organisation optimise the opportunity?

Well first of all, consider this, what would it mean if you had a real-time, birds-eye view on your entire enterprise? By using systems and software, data and devices, you can get live information (not just data) on the processes, components and physical spaces in use in your facility, 24/7. This increased visibility will facilitate you to increase efficiency, drive productivity and gain a competitive advantage.

Here I’ll give a brief, high-level view on the types of industry sectors that have embraced connectivity and the applications that have delivered considerable benefits.


Most people who have experienced healthcare services either for themselves or family will have had the frustration of repeating medical histories to different service providers, who struggle to locate personal medical information, sometimes in situations where time is critical. Imagine having all of this information available instantly, online so that each patient can be accurately identified and treated appropriately in a timely fashion.


If the management team of a manufacturing facility could look into every corner of the operation in real time, you can be sure sizable efficiencies would be delivered. A much tighter focus could be kept on areas such as stock, wastage and the allocation of resources. Also, production lines can be monitored automatically and remotely and early-warning signals of potential issues can be implemented – reducing costly down-time. Ultimately better visibility means that manufacturers can expect to see increases in productivity, a reduction in costs and less waste.


Retailers who have embraced connectivity have implemented connected stock control systems which automatically re-order stock when necessary and getting the right product in-store at the right time has delivered substantial growth in sales. Checkout procedures can also be made more efficient and quicker, increasing the customers experience.

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By visionid | Aug 12, 2016 | Blog

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