“Track And Trace” Tech in Production Lines

Commercial Benefits for Manufacturers

Given today’s highly commercial marketplace, most manufacturers are looking at cost-effective ways to improve productivity and gain an edge over competitors.

Recent technologies like RFID offer huge advantages to factory managers looking to optimise production at their facility. Essentially they enable every product or component to be tagged and then tracked and monitored through each key stage of the production process. Live information is accessible to the Production Manager directly from the production line and any discrepancies in the manufacturing process are instantly notified.

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Improved Quality Manufacturing Processes

Production issues are instantly notified and can be addressed without delay. This ensures that products that pass through the production line will meet the required standard of quality that the process was designed to deliver. Track And Trace solutions facilitate Lean manufacturing and they can help to identify small but important ways in which existing processes can be improved, often without the need for any significant investment. And by catching any problems at the earliest possible stage, downtime can be minimised, reducing the associated costs.

It simply makes sense that where there is clarity on every element of the manufacturing process, inefficiencies can be easily identified and equally where visibility is limited, poor practices can easily continue for many years - un-identified, un-resolved and costly.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Most factories depend on a small number of important customers for their “bread and butter” revenue and it’s vital to keep relationships with these clients strong. Customers will instantly see the value of the Track And Trace solution and improved processes will help deliver the right product, at the right time, to your important customers. Improving customer satisfaction is good for business and client retention is as important as new sales for most facilities.

Secure More Sales Through Superior Traceability

Many manufacturers are OEM companies and those pitching for business to multi-nationals are coming under increasing pressure to have robust traceability and quality process in-situ. Track And Trace systems facilitate compliance with the most stringent of requirements and give manufacturers a distinct competitive advantage over any facilities that don’t have these systems in place. Also where processes are improved, it can be easier to price competitively to win new business.

Regulatory Compliance

The ever-growing amount of regulation and compliance requirements that factories are obliged to meet can seem daunting however a solution that addresses traceability in an effective way will automatically help your business to meet many of its obligations in terms of regulation. Real-time information can give you the insights you need to demonstrate compliance in a definitive way.

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We have worked with manufacturers across a wide variety of industries, helping to improve efficiencies, drive quality and cut costs through the implementation of effective Track And Trace systems. We combine expert consultancy services with proven technology to recommend and implement the best solution for each facility.

We’d be delighted to talk through your requirements, help identify the best approach and provide a cost-effective quote, in line with your budget. Contact us now to learn more – we look forward to your call.

By visionid | Dec 10, 2016 | Blog

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