The Ultimate Plastic ID Card Printer

Zebra ZXP Series 9 - With Added Security Features

If your organisation issues ID cards, then you may have had a poor experience with ID card printers previously, such as poor print quality print, the risk of forgeries, an in-efficient production process, excessive cost per card and unnecessary waste. In the past ID cards were also fairly limited in their value and used simply as a visual security measure.

Happily current technology addresses all of these historic issues and plastic ID cards can now be truly smart and perform a whole range of functions. For manufacturers, government agencies and organisations with a large staff or membership, there are some particularly useful applications which the latest printers facilitate, over and above photographic ID and these include

  • Effective Access control e.g. to the factory floor or secure area
  • Secure login to local networks at the facility
  • Electronic payments, in the staff canteen for example

Zebra’s ZXP Series 9 - Quality at Speed

This latest ZXP 9, mobile, secure card printer from Zebra is probably the best solution in the market right now for anyone looking to buy a highly efficient, top quality plastic card printer.

With a throughput of up to 190 cards per hour and extremely sharp resolution, it produces top quality printed ID cards at speed and at an extremely competitive cost.

The technology applied is called retransfer which means that a special colour print-receptive material is fused to the card surface, giving optimal print quality and vibrant rich colours, even if the card surface is not perfectly flat.

Durable, Tamper-resistant cards

This printer produces extremely long-lasting cards, with dual-sided lamination and encoding as an option. Effective lamination has been shown to extend card life by up to 10 years and minimises the risk of tampering. Also the superior, sharp print quality makes it easy and quick to visually monitor ID’s.

Low Production Costs, Minimal Waste

The technology in this printer has been proven to reduce waste by up to 50% and cut costs by up to 30% compared to other similar products on the marketplace. These savings are mainly due to Zebras patented innovative technology which includes linerless with a single core and no carrier.

Excellent Security Features

Not only does the ZXP Series 9 printer produce intrinsically secure cards, the printer itself also has a number of optional security measures to prevent unauthorised use. This equipment includes world-class retransfer and laminate technology, including holographic images for card security. To prevent un-authorised use, locks can be applied on the laminator, the enclosure and card feeder for added security.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

You’ll find it extremely easy to do the set-up on this printer; the interface has been enhanced from earlier products in line with customer feedback and it now features a certified Windows driver and a simple toolbox for a consolidated view on all functions. There’s also online resources and Help Guides, NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR codes to access printer info. and you can access free, live card-testing support from experienced Zebra experts.

Learn More

To buy the Zebra ZXP Series 9, or to talk through the options, call +353 (0)1 524 1586.

By visionid | Feb 01, 2017 | Blog

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