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Healthcare is an area where efficiency and safety are paramount. Technology now plays a vital role in enabling hospitals to improve their operational efficiency giving their healthcare professionals more time to focus on patient care.

The Sunday Business Post ran an ICT in Healthcare article examining the role of technology in our healthcare sector, Lisa Molloy, VisionID’s Healthcare Solutions Manager, discussed how RFID is playing an integral role in Healthcare for the tracking of devices, medical assets, patients or specimen samples to the management of medication.

Using some of our healthcare projects as examples, such as, St. James’s Hospital and St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Lisa detailed how RFID was being used and the benefits it had brought to these hospitals.

With St James’s Hospital we implemented RFID for three different projects. The first project called “precious samples” involved the tracking of biopsy tissues from the operating room to the lab. The second project involved tracking of vulnerable patients within the MISA building. While the third project focused on the tracking of valuable art within the hospital to reduce incidents of theft or misplacement of artwork.

At St Vincent’s University Hospital we are working with them on part of a HSE pilot programme of registering and RFID tagging of vital clinical assets, ensuring availability and visibility of clinical assets.

For more information on this article or RFID in Healthcare you can read the full ICT in Healthcare article here to get full benefits of RFID applications can have on the healthcare sector.

By visionid | Nov 10, 2017 | Blog

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