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HSE invests in a central Patient Administration System

In 2010 the HSE announced the funding for a €60 million IT project called the IPMS (Integrated Patient Management System) that offered a new, central patient administration system to manage patient records across 20 acute hospitals in Ireland.

Previous to this, admitting patients was a long, manual process of retrieving patient medical history and giving patients handwritten or typed wristbands. This left hospitals and patients exposed to potential risks that come with illegible wristbands or missing patient medical information such as, wrong medication being administered or wrong course of treatment given to the patient. In such a high pressure environment, unfotunately, errors like this do occur and last year, the State Claims Agency released information stating that the number of medical negligence claims against the HSE has doubled over the past five years.

Our work with Waterford University Hospital

In 2013 Waterford University Hospital, along with four other hospitals (Wexford General, South Tipperary General, Kilkenny General and Kilcreene Orthopaedic hospitals.) were picked to adopt the new Pateint Administration System. But in order for them to move to a centralised patient administration system, they needed to implement a data capture system comprising of barcode scanners and barcode wristbands.

A tender was opened up, VisionID submitted and won the tender which resulted in us implementing 250 HC100 wristband printers with Zebra cartridge technology and 1000 Motorola DS4208 healthcare-specific scanners.

To read more about this project, view our Waterford HSE case study.

By visionid | Feb 22, 2017 | Blog

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