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Cognex leads the way

Barcode scanners and readers have become a core component in the efficient running of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, healthcare organisations and retailers across the globe. Linear barcodes 1D are still in use in a variety of applications but Data Matrix or 2D barcodes are becoming more popular as they can store more data in a flexible manner.

Cognex is the leading brand manufacturer of Barcode Scanners and Readers and it specialises in researching and manufacturing highly robust products that are based on cutting edge technology. These include

  • Fixed-mount Barcode Readers
  • Handheld Barcode Readers
  • Corded and Cordless Scanners
  • Barcode Verifiers

VisionID partners with Cognex and our goal is to provide customers with effective scanners that will read codes accurately, regardless of the code size or the quality of the direct part marking (DPM) or the printing surface that the code is printed on. We offer a comprehensive range of products; from small, powerful fixed position scanners through to high-end wireless handheld units.

Key Considerations

Obviously the scanner needs to be fit-for-purpose and we discuss later which scanners are appropriate for each application however there are also some general considerations when you are investing in these devices

Cost over Time is a key issue. Typically scanners are used heavily and in an industrial environment wear and tear can be considerable – it makes sense to invest in a top quality brand which offers robust scanners that stand the test of time.

A related concern is technology; working with an industry innovator like Cognex gives customers confidence that the scanners they are buying are based on the latest technologies available. It’s also important that the technology is compatible with your processes. And of course effective industrial connectivity can add significant value. VisionID is highly experienced in advising industrial clients on the specifying the best solutions, taking current technologies and requirements into consideration.

Read rates naturally impact the effectiveness of the scanner and it’s essential that the read rate is appropriate to the application. Cognex has patented technology designed to offer best-in-class read rates, to deliver optimal functionality.

What Scanner When?

Fixed position scanners are typically used for applications such as tracking components through production lines or monitoring packages on a conveyor belt. Often these scanners will be omni-directional so they can be scanned accurately at first pass. Cognex Dataman Industrial ID scanners are second-to-none in terms of performance and technology.

Handheld barcode readers are appropriate where the form of the item being scanned varies or they are some distance from the scanner and mobility is required e.g. top shelf in a warehouse. Because these scanners are likely to be used in a variety of locations in the industrial setting, it’s essential that they are strong and robust. An alternative where less mobility is required is a corded scanner, and these are connected to specific workstations, typically via USB cables.

There has been a huge growth in Cordless scanners in recent years, and the mobility of these make them ideal for retailers, healthcare and industrial companies. Usually they work within a 50ft radius of their cradle and use a number of connectivity options ideal for the most challenging DPM 2D code reading applications for example, in sectors such as medical devices and other markets where codes may be extremely small.

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