The benefits of the ID-5s Mobile Workstation for Manufacturing

The ID-5s from Kinetic-ID is an ideal solution for those in the manufacturing industry, allowing workers to stay connected by being able to move an entire workstation seamlessly to the point of use. Remove key inefficiencies, downtime and errors caused by manual input normally associated with fixed point workstations.

The ability to work dynamically in any manufacturing environment can help to improve efficiency, reduce downtime and keep operators focused on value-added activities.

Benefits of the ID-5s

Flexibility  & Mobility – supervisors can deploy operators to a certain point on a line/cleanroom when it is required and reducing cover in an area where operators are not needed at certain times

Visibility – operators viewing a screen at a point on a line or cleanroom don’t have to walk up or down an area with information to log on a fixed station

Data Capture – errors such as double entry on paper or on multiple screens are reduced, with the ID5s allowing real-time entry of data

Mobile Full Screen – having a full screen is a major advantage for workers as they can a get full vision as opposed to what they can do on a small screen PDA or Tablet.

Safety – the ID-5s eliminates the hazard of employees going back and forth from different areas to input data

Power any corporate mainstream IT – devices such as a thin client, barcode scanner, label printer, etc. can be powered through the ID-5s. Kinetic power battery solutions offer Hot-Swap technologies via an external charging cradle to ensure your cart in running at maximum, 24/7.


The Kinetic ID5s Cart can effortlessly integrate into existing infrastructure, eliminating errors, and enhancing productivity by keeping the operator connected to all data, in real time and on-the-go.

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By visionid | Oct 07, 2021 | Blog

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