The Benefits of Clinical mobility

Clinical mobility is changing, and it is becoming increasingly more important for healthcare workers.

In many hospitals, workers often use smartphones - sometimes their own, for critical interactions with colleagues and for accessing important information about patients. These consumer mobile phones were not designed for clinical environments and if device failure and poor connectivity occurs it can pose a risk to the safety of a patient.

Zebra’s mobility solutions offer:

  • Increased patient safety.
  • Workforce efficiency.
  • Guaranteed security.
  • Better overall return on investment.

These purpose-built devices are designed to withstand the pressures of clinical environments. Zebra devices are easily disinfected, even with harsh chemicals. Click here to see cleaning and disinfecting guidelines.

Zebra mobile devices such as the TC52-HC computer have many benefits which ease use for workers and in turn allow them to provide better patient care.

These devices are:


  • They can survive multiple drops onto concrete.
  • They are scratch and shatter resistant.
  • Disinfectant friendly.


  • Employees can securely message with Workforce Connect.
  • Lost or misplaced devices can be found easily with Device Tracker.
  • Devices can be locked down for critical clinical tasks with Enterprise Home Screen.


  • Easy to use with latex gloves.
  • Long battery life (up to 14 hours)
  • Quick, reliable scanning of 1D, 2D and even damaged and dirty barcodes
  • Connect and communicate with ease

Rugged and secure, Zebra mobile devices can provide the functionality and reliability users need to deliver better quality care to patients without compromise.

To find out more about clinical mobility devices for healthcare workers contact us at

By visionid | Mar 19, 2020 | Blog

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