Sustainable Technology Solutions – the ET4x range from Zebra Technologies

VisionID, A Peak Technologies company, take pride in our technology partnerships and are continuously working towards implementing environmentally friendly technology solutions for our customers. Through partnering with Zebra Technologies, we are able to deliver products that give our customers the option to opt for more eco-friendly technology solutions such as the ET4x Series and ET4x-HC Series tablets.

These versatile tablets are a great choice for sustainability for a number of reasons:

Sustainable packaging

The ET4x series is packaged in 100% recyclable & 95% biodegradable packaging with the box and inserts made using 50% recycled materials.

Lower consumption of devices, accessories & batteries through maximised lifecycles

The fewer devices used in your operations, the more you reduce greenhouse gasses. The rugged ET4x  tablets are built to deliver 3+ years of availability, along with 6 years of security, repair & technical support. There are also multi-slot shared cradles that are compatible with other Zebra devices. The device tracker feature helps locate misplaced or lost devices lowering the need for emergency replacement devices.

Less power consumption with green battery technology

In terms of power consumption, the ET4x range is 59% below allowable energy star energy consumption levels and is super-fast charging taking just 1 hour 43 minutes for 100% battery.

The range also comes with an easily removable and recyclable battery. The spare battery pool is also reduced with all day battery run time and visibility into the battery health, ensuring batteries can hold a full charge. Zebra charge manager allows for more efficient charging and enables a longer battery life.

Fewer device types needed

These tablets have everything you need in one place, lessening the need for multiple devices with 5 device types converged into 1. The ET40/45 range store features including NFC payments, an integrated scanner, push-to-talk and can even replace a workstation with its accessibility and movability - reducing your electronics volumes, as well as costs.

Eco-friendly attributes include:

  • No mercury
  • No PFO/PFOAs
  • No latex
  • Compliant with global RoHS requirements


  • Retail and Hospitality
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Healthcare – ET40/45-HC versions

Through our partnership with Zebra Technologies, we join their circular economy which offers a takeback recycling program where free recycling for end of life devices is available with certificate of destruction given upon request. They also offer a device buy-back program where your end of life devices may be eligible for device buy-back, giving you a “green” upgrade to the next generation device. Their certified refurbished devices are also an option for purchase or rent, where devices perform like new to bridge the gap during a tech refresh. There are also a variety of options for battery recycling, depending on location.

By opting for the ET4x range tablets from VisionID & Zebra Technologies, your business can take small steps toward a more green operation. To learn more about the range do not hesitate to contact us at

By visionid | Mar 31, 2023 | Blog

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