SureTraceID: Staff Wellbeing and Covid-19

Over the past decade, the world has seen a welcome shift towards raising public awareness around mental health issues, prevalence, treatment and the ways in which workplace-related mental health concerns might be avoided and addressed in company cultures  and policies by employers the world over.


In response to these concerns, we’ve seen an encouraging tendency towards emotional and psychological wellness promotion and support in leading workplaces: flexible schedules, workspace redesign, hobby-zones that allow employees to incorporate personal growth and creative therapies into their workdays, less negative-spaces in offices, and so on.


Yet, none of those mental and emotional wellness solutions becoming so ‘trendy’ in modern workspaces could prepare us for or remedy the mental health fallout we’ve experienced and seen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


While anxiety, concern and fear are standard-issue in the face of a real and present danger like the deadly coronavirus pandemic, the piling on of endless changes to our routines, concerns over the safety of our loved-ones, employment and income stress, loneliness in our free-time, children forced to stay home, and more, represent dangerous spanners in the mental health works of many of us during these trying and unprecedented times.


2020 has been like walking in a masked and socially-distanced, dystopian haze of loneliness and worry (bordering on paranoia) for some of us while, for others, underlying and previously dormant disorders like anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsivity and schizophrenia have slowly started creeping to the fore during this far-too-challenging time.


To make matters worse (according to a survey conducted by WHO), the pandemic has significantly either disrupted or halted mental health services in 93% of countries and workplaces worldwide. According to WHO, most countries were struggling to meet their populations’ mental health needs before this new crisis came along, and now things have gone well beyond tipping point.


Freeing minds for greater things, the mental-health relief of reliable track and trace solutions

For many people and, perhaps, for many of your employees, fear around contracting COVID-19 and infecting their families would much sooner see them working from home, where they can at least feel safe and reassured, surrounded by the people who they love the most and who they know to be virus-free. As you’re probably well aware, however, staying at home to work is just not plausible in certain industries and enterprises, and for certain employees.


For others, the ability to go to work each day and interact withcolleagues, to stay engaged and to feel they have purpose is (quite literally) what’s preventing them from slipping over the mental health edge. Unfortunately, however, in trying to address their existing concerns of loneliness, boredom, etc., these individuals are opening themselves up to concern and paranoia around the risk they are continuously exposed to when at work, as well as the stress of adhering to protocol and never dropping their guard around others.


A reliable, accurate and easy-to-implement, digital enterprise social distancing and contact tracing solution like SureTraceID offers not only a chance for the responsible and empathic employer to help ensure the physical health of their staff, but also for them to help protect and even improve the mental health of every employee they fit with this comprehensive but user-friendly device.


We’re uncomfortably aware by now that constant conscious vigilance, persistent adherence to protocol and safety measures, and continuous concern that others will not be as vigilant as we are, can be a crippling burden to bear day-in and day-out... but especially so at work, when we’re being paid to remain mentally and physically engaged in the tasks at hand!


Raising spirits through trust

Ask any employee... ‘what if there was a way to not only ensure that your fellow employees will adhere to social distancing protocol at all times but also to ensure that your employer will be able to accurately and instantly know, contact-trace, inform and mitigate the risk should things happen to go wrong?’...ask them this and they will more than likely voice their approval or respond that such a solution is out of reach technologically, or just too good to be true.


SureTraceID is just such a solution, and you could provide this peace of mind to each and every one of your your employees just by letting them wear it.


Trust plays a huge part in how a workplace environment affects the overall mental health of its employees, not just inter-employee trust but also employee-employer trust. During this pandemic, trusting one’s employer not only to support social distancing protocol but also to effectively enforce it and to be able to respond efficiently if things do go wrong, goes a long way towards supporting mental wellness and tackling the problem of COVID-19 anxiety and depression.


In conclusion

What better way to provide this mental wellness service to each and every staff member on your premises than by issuing them with their SureTraceID lanyard or wristband device and a detailed brief on this impressive system, which incorporates state-of-the art proximity and contact monitoring, customizable early warning systems, real-time reporting, accurate and instantaneous contact tracing, user anonymity and a suite of analytic tools that allow the employer to adjust the work environment to remedy motion and proximity trends that tend toward COVID risk.


The fact is, our SureTraceID wearable workplace UWB digital social distancing solution provides not only real COVID-19-safety, through real-time proximity and contact monitoring, tracing, reporting and alert systems, but also a psychological and emotional sense of safety and freedom to employees and employers alike, as users no longer need to rely 100% on themselves to keep their distance or recall contact and proximity events...they can rely on this device to do things for them.


Wearers of SureTraceID know that they will automatically be warned when they are too close, alerted when contact is made, and accurately and swiftly informed of risks and possible incident by employers who have, at last, a real and precise hold on accurate, real-time contact and proximity data.


They can now lift their heads from those COVID-blues, and feel at peace in the knowledge that their employers come fully equipped and outfitted with the means to contact trace and mitigate risk efficiently, effectively, and without the need to disrupt operations while doing so, should the need ever arise.

By visionid | Nov 16, 2020 | Blog

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