Speed up your barcode labelling processes on the production line with an automated print and apply solution

Keeping up to speed

The manufacturing environment is increasingly becoming fast-moving, with manufacturers needing to meet customers and/or clients supply and demand needs. With that, there is a greater need for the manufacturer to ensure that accuracy and quality are followed throughout the production line, even down to the labels.
Automating the print and apply process

By automating your print and apply process on the production line with a machine label applicator you would remove the need for plant workers to manually print and apply the labels.

Labels are inspected after application and this would usually be done by plant workers which leaves room for human error, this potential risk can be removed by implementing Cognex vision cameras to inspect labels after application.

What are the benefits of a complete print and apply solution?

  • Streamline label application process on the production line.
  • Allows manufacturers to delegate factory workers to other tasks,
  • increase workforce efficiency.Increase efficiency on the production line.
  • Ensure accuracy and speed of label application.
  • Reduces instances of mislabelling.

This solution would improve overall precision, speed and application of labels, watch our animation of how the full end-to-end automated print and apply solution.

By visionid | May 14, 2018 | Blog

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