Social Distancing and Contact Tracing to Remain Following Government Announcement – How VisionID Can Help With SureTraceID

With the government announcing the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions from October 22nd, there are still some measures that will remain – particularly when it comes to phased the return to work for many.

The government recently released a statement advising that “physical distancing is one of the most important measures in reducing the spread of COVID-19. The current recommended distance to be maintained between people to minimise risk of transmission is 2 metres” and that “employers must provide for physical distancing across all work activities”.

They also advise that “in settings where 2-metre worker separation cannot be ensured by organisational means, alternative protective measures should be put in place, maintain a distance of at least 1 metre or as much distance as is reasonably practicable”.

The statement goes on to mention that contact tracing is also still necessary on the return to work and that “employers will keep a log of contacts to facilitate contact tracing”.

With social distancing and contact tracing still an essential government guideline and a staple in combatting the spread of COVID-19, VisionID can offer our solution SureTraceID to help employers implement effective and efficient social distancing and contact tracing. SureTraceID allows you to protect and enhance the lives of your employees, yourself, your business and your community in all facets, simultaneously.

SureTraceID ensures social distancing in the workplace through an audible or vibrating alert and enables automated contact tracing which meets government requirements and minimises disruption to the workplace in the event an employee shows symptoms. This solution is powered by Ultra-Wide Band Technology (UWB). UWB enables real time accurate readings as close as 10–20 cm so that distancing can also be changed from 2m to 1.5m to 1m using the software to automatically update the tags reducing the need for new signage and training in users.

SureTraceID empowers you to instantly track, trace and monitor proximity events for all staff members.


  • Track every proximity event for all staff members
  • Real time updates to each staff member’s proximity events.
  • Securely store all user level proximity data on the cloud
  • Implement an early warning system based on criteria you set.

For those who have adapted to life working from home, it can be quite a daunting change, but with the guidelines set out by the government and tools like SureTraceID, it will allow for those returning to work to feel safer and more comfortable.

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Government statement here.

By visionid | Sep 22, 2021 | Blog

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