RFID Apparel Supply Chain from beginning to end

The importance of tracking inventory in the retail apparel sector is becoming more important with the new age of real-time information on stock availability, next day delivery to homes, parcel lockers, and stores. This presents a real challenge for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the apparel sector, but, using new innovative technologies can help them stay ahead of these new retail trends. RFID technology can help the retail apparel sector by allowing them tag materials and clothing throughout the whole supply chain process.


Apparel manufacturers have recognised the benefits of RFID technology for inventory management applications. RFID technology can help increase accuracy and efficiency as it facilitates a better storage process and delivers real-time information on stock levels of materials used to make the product. It will also allow the manufacturer to monitor its processes and implement leaner manufacturing practices throughout the process. By implementing RFID technology will result in an increase profits and revenue to the manufacturer.


RFID technology offers complete visibility of inventory within the distribution centre, allowing for distributors to have accurate, near-real-time intelligence into inventory records and knowing where the items are in the facility or if they are delivered with electronic proof of delivery. It will also allow distributors to see where processes can be improved, for example, the time spent picking and packing orders for the shipment or, the time it takes for the shipment to be delivered. Ultimately, it will allow distributors to save time and money by improving their processes.


For the retailer, RFID technology has multiple applications both in the warehouse and on the shop floor. On the shop floor, RFID-enabled dressing rooms help retailers prevent theft and loss of merchandise, aiding in recovering and restocking of merchandise. Tracking the location of merchandise from the warehouse to the shop floor with RFID antennas allows for inventory visibility between cycle counts for restocking. The warehouse RFID tagged merchandise can be checked more efficiently with RFID readers giving real-time visibility of stock information ensuring that there are no inaccuracies of out-of-stock items.

See how RFID in the Apparel Supply Chain can benefit every stage of the process.


By using RFID technology throughout the supply chain, retailers, manufacturers and distributors will undoubtedly have a more streamlined inventory management process. Allowing for better business decisions as they can monitor their processes and see where improvements can be made.

If you would like to learn more about the multiple applications for RFID technology in the retail apparel supply chain, from manufacturer to distribution and finally to the retailers you can register for the free “RFID in Apparel - End to End Visibility” webinar.

*This webinar has now taken place - you can however, view the on-demand webinar here*

By visionid | Jun 21, 2017 | Blog

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