Retail solutions from VisionID

From the loading dock to the retail floor VisionID - now a Peak Technologies company, provides real-time information across all of the operational functions required for the retail floor, stockroom and supply chain operations.

Our Retail Solutions help to deliver:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Increased sales performance
  • Informed decision making
  • Improved operational efficiencies

The image below shows some of the areas in which we are currently helping our customers to empower improved customer service, real time stock visibility and multi-channel fulfilment.

Our retail solutions include:

Barcode label printing - Labelling your products with barcodes is essential for the Retail Industry as it is the best way to keep track of your stock, sales, deliveries, and the movement of different products around your company.

Barcode scanners - Inventory is your largest investment and also a major element of customer satisfaction, this is why having reliable and durable barcode scanners to enable traceability of inventory is essential in your retail environment.

IoT Asset Tracking – Our IoT pixels empower every product, every object and every ‘thing’ to sense and to fix inefficiencies and problems they encounter. This solution enables supply chain temperature tracking for perishable goods, smart asset tracking for any item and even smart shelving.

RFID - RFID tags use radio frequency to track, search for, identify and communicate with goods, assets and even people. RFID technology can help you increase the productivity of your retail store as both a sales channel and a fulfillment center. It also helps enhance customer satisfaction, optimize fulfillment and improve end-to-end supply chain ROI.

M-netics Retail - M-Netics Retail is used in store by staff for improved customer service, real-time stock visibility and multi-channel fulfilment. Accurate data capture and real-time information means quicker stock replenishment, rapid answers to stock enquiries and fitting room requests, and more streamlined receiving and transfer processes.

M-netics ePod – our electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) solutions leverage our in-house software - M-Netics, and its portfolio of enterprise-grade applications designed to streamline your operations with leading-edge in-house & third-party software, rugged and versatile mobile devices, high quality accessories & peripherals and managed services & support.

For more information on our solutions for retail, contact our experts at

By visionid | Oct 07, 2022 | Blog

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