RealWear: Digital Transformation in Construction

2020 has been a year that accelerated the digitalization of processes in engineering, project management and construction.

Using the Realwear HMT-1, we have been helping the industry overcome the challenges of remote work while driving the digital transformation of processes. We are enabling our clients to manage their time better, making them more efficient, safer and helping reduce their carbon footprint.

Some key benefits of using the HMT-1 are as follows: 

Quality & Compliance

On-site quality inspections are carried out regularly depending on the scale of the project and require attendance of multiple stakeholders, typically requiring multiple visits. Remote collaboration reduces time lost due to notices required or non-attendance, improves productivity by reducing on-site inspections, and improves quality records.

Reduce travel costs and waiting time

Transform your business activities by removing unnecessary travel and visits to remote locations. The expert or the worker on-site can initiate a call in-situ from anywhere in the world to resolve a complex procedure.

Perform electronic audits

The industrial worker can share their point of view instantly with the  subject matter expert for visual inspection (sampling) and observation of work being performed. The expert remotely obtains audit evidence and objectively evaluates it in order to determine the extent of conformity to the audit criteria

Hands-free visual assist

Equipped with a high definition camera, photos and videos can be captured in hard-to-reach places like tunnels, towers, or behind large machinery and equipment. First line workers can also use the HMT-1 for hands free verification and visual documentation.

Use with existing safety equipment

The HMT is shockproof and can work with existing safety equipment including those that wear glasses or protective glasses. The high-resolution camera records what the user sees, which can be transferred to the waiting customer, or the technical expert who needs to have input on the ongoing task.


Additional advantages of remote access monitoring:

• Building Control Inspections

• Overseas dry-lay stone reviews

• Progress and client vesting of materials off-site

• Site acceptance testing and commissioning

• Installation records/evidence for fire-stopping, defects, compliance, etc.

• Insurance inspections and records

• Training and familiarization

• Expert guidance

• Health & Safety Inspections

• Remote Site operational H&S, quality and progress reviews


To find out more about the HMT-1 visit HMT-1 product page or contact

By visionid | Jan 08, 2021 | Blog

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