Quality Control in the Age of Digital Transformation: Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Deep Learning Quality Control.

Digital Transformation has revolutionised the way everyday businesses and manufacturing operations are run today. These evolving technologies offer companies’ the ability to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, with quality control now occupying a central part of digital innovation.

At VisionID we understand that Quality Control is crucial and have worked with our global partners to ensure we have the very best digital solutions to ensure best in class results for our end users.

Machine Vision systems are crucial for quality assurance in manufacturing where they play an important role by analysing and identifying quality issues.

Machine Vision systems extract vital information from an image from which they use to determine the suitability of a product or part. This information can be used to inform how other parts of the production line are programmed and ultimately improve productivity in the manufacturing plant.

Deep Learning is an industry changing AI innovation based on identifying and analysing a series of images. Deep learning technology is used in advanced manufacturing practices for quality inspection and other judgment-based uses.

VisionID is deploying an increasing number of Cognex Deep Learning Solutions to our core markets leveraging the power of AI to increase yield, reduce waste, and improve product quality.

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By visionid | May 27, 2021 | Blog

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