On-site plastic card printing for businesses big and small

Many organisations from different industries do their own on-site plastic card printing for a variety of reasons. Reasons such as improve their security in the building only allowing visitors and staff with ID card to enter the building. Retailers who offer loyalty cards to customers by allowing them to sign up to loyalty scheme there and then. Leisure centre can print membership cards ensuring only members can have access to the centre.

For your organisation to be able to do on-site card printing they need three things 

  • Card printer – these can range from slim desktop card printers to high volume card printers 
  • Cards and ribbons – these vary depending on you what you need the card to do, for example, if you want the card just to be shown at an entrance or desk and be scanned with a barcode scanner then you want blank PVC cards. Or maybe you want the card to be smart enable to allow to access buildings then you want chip cards, magnetic stripe cards for swiping door access or MIFARE or HID card that allows for contactless access. 
  • Card design software – by having a card design software it will enable the organisation to design and input information that they want on the card. The most common card software that we would provide is CardStudio (formally CardFive) as well-designed highly-intuitive interface virtually eliminates the need for technical expertise and training. 

If you would like to find out more how an on-site card printing solution can benefit an organisation then read our case study

By visionid | Mar 19, 2019 | Blog

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