The Benefits of Intelligent Storage Cabinets from Zebra

Because handheld and computing devices are portable, they require charging to keep them from running out of power. This can be complicated to navigate with tangled wires and having to keep track of multiple chargers, especially if they’re stored in many different locations around a large building.

The last thing any worker needs is for their portable device to shut down before they can find somewhere to charge it. This is why VisionID works with Zebra to supply storage and charging cabinets for your handheld computer solutions. Having a single charging and storage point means employees know where they can plug in their handheld computers and PDAs and helps account for each individual item to reduce losses and the possibility of theft.

Benefits of Zebra Intelligent Storage Cabinets:

  • Optimise performance through consolidating and connecting devices
  • Automate workflows with Zebra’s access management system
  • Protect devices easily with authorised-only security

Zebra Intelligent Storage Cabinets allow you to accelerate your workers’ access to devices at the beginning and end of shifts, avoiding manual distribution and documentation of devices, allowing for use of software-driven device management to track device location and battery health.

These storage cabinets offer a portfolio of both standardised modular and customised storage solutions. This enables optimum business continuity and efficiencies in your warehouse, transportation, logistics and retail operations. Zebra-validated intelligent lockers, racks, cradle locks and customised carts help streamline how your businesses mobile devices are stored, accessed, tracked and managed - harnessing the most efficient use of devices and workers.

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By visionid | Sep 08, 2021 | Blog

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