Linerless Labels: An Eco-Friendly Alternative

As companies look for more ways to reduce waste and become more sustainable, one area that is often overlooked is labelling. Traditional labels have a yellow backing paper, which can be difficult to recycle and contributes to unnecessary waste. But there is a solution: linerless labels. In this article, we'll explore what linerless labels are and why they are the better choice for your business.

What are Linerless Labels?

Linerless labels are a type of label that does not have a yellow backing paper. Instead, they have a special adhesive that allows them to be removed from the roll without leaving any residue. They have a silicone release coating on the top layer and special adhesive that enables them to peel away from labels underneath, similar to a roll of tape.

Waste from standard labels can often look like this

What are the advantages of using Linerless Labels?

  1. Reduced Waste: One of the biggest benefits of linerless labels is that they reduce waste. Since there is no yellow backing paper, there is no need to dispose of it, which can be difficult to recycle.
  2. Improved Efficiency: With linerless labels, there is no need for calibration or additional setup time. This results in quicker process times and improved efficiency.
  3. More Labels Per Roll: Linerless labels have longer rolls, which means fewer roll changes and more labels per roll. This results in less downtime and more productivity.
  4. Reduced Transport and Warehouse Space: Since you can print what you need with fewer rolls, there are fewer boxes to transport and store. This results in reduced transport and warehouse space.
  5. Reduced Workplace Hazards: Liner piles that collect beneath printers can create workplace hazards. With linerless labels, this is not an issue, resulting in a safer work environment.
  6. Only Print What You Need: Linerless labels have flexibility in label length, which means you only print what you need. This results in less waste and cost savings.
  7. Improved Print Quality: Linerless labels have better moisture, grease, and scratch resistance compared with thermal economy paper. This results in excellent print quality.
  8. Eco-Friendly: Linerless labels are a more environmentally friendly option since they reduce waste and the impact of CO2 emissions. They are also less complex to manufacture, further reducing their environmental impact.

In conclusion, linerless labels can be a better choice for your business in the long term. With reduced waste, improved efficiency, and cost savings, they are a smart investment for any company looking to become more sustainable. By choosing linerless labels, you can reduce your environmental footprint while improving your business operations

By visionid | May 08, 2023 | Blog

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