Labelling Automation – Can it solve staffing issues?

Staffing & Recruitment Issues

Throughout the pandemic, manufacturers were faced with many staffing and recruitment issues, but the problem still remains 2 years on.

With a shortage of young workers to replace an aging workforce in the Manufacturing Industry along with millions of workers globally changing career paths, it might be time for manufacturers to consider automating processes such as label application.

An article by Abhishek Misra from People Matters highlights predicted hiring trends for the Manufacturing industry in 2022. Misra notes that “solutions like flexible manufacturing using automation and robotics, remote production optimization, supply chain planning tools, energy optimization are in high demand” due to an elevated importance of digital transformation in the industry off the back of the pandemic.

Labelling Automation

VisionID’s partner Cobalt have created a unique real-time print and apply application that delivers the functionality needed to increase productivity in the Manufacturing Industry, regardless of staffing issues.

The Nexus 20 Dual Action is a Dual Action Case Printer application allows selectable real-time print and apply of labels to the front, side or front and side of corrugated cardboard cases. Labels are applied with identical or different label content. Database driven auto configuration is available for quick changeover, removing the responsibility from operators. This is a solution that provides manufacturers with both flexibility and complete peace of mind.

The application does not require conveyor synchronisation delivering a low cost of ownership and high ROI, complemented by an industry best 3-year warranty.


  • Front, Side or Front & Side application
  • Application switch via HMI or optional recipe
  • Driven system
  • Real time print and apply
  • Industry leading 3 year warranty


  • Negates need for corner wrap labelling to obtain an image on 2 adjacent sides.
  • Control the label configuration to customer’s needs.
  • Quick change over. Automatic change available which can switch between same label 2 sides or different label on 2 sides.
  • Facilitates quick change over and removes risk of error.
  • Resilient by design, low maintenance costs. Fixed price service packs available.

If you would like to explore your options for labelling automation, please contact our experts at

By visionid | Feb 17, 2022 | Blog

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