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VisionID helps businesses to drive productivity efficiencies by harnessing the latest technologies. For any business with a mobile workforce or a service fleet, mobile technologies and cloud solutions give business managers a significant opportunity to improve work practices and gain better visibility on what’s happening on the ground at any moment in time; ultimately improving customer service and cutting costs.

If you’re interested in harnessing these benefits but don’t know where to start, why not open a conversation with us and we can assess the best way forward for your business? We offer clients a professional and practical consultancy service and we specify cost-effective, comprehensive solutions. Typically we recommend robust, proven hardware and software from leading brands. We offer expert support services to assist customers to implement these solutions in their organisations and we up-skill internal staff and management teams to ensure the successful implementation of new, more efficient processes.

We appreciate of course that our solutions have to show a demonstrable Return on Investment (R.O.I.) over time and we have plenty of case studies to highlight this.

Interested in a practical example? Here’s a client we worked with recently.

Prevent a Pest - Expansion Challenges

VisionID was approached by Prevent a Pest to help identify better work practices and more efficient ways of doing business. Staff were spending up to two days a week on admin., filing reports etc, the technical team were not accessible to complete the reports on a timely basis as they were on-site much of the time and customer response times were declining as a result.

The management team wanted to streamline procedures and optimise productivity. VisionID immediately saw an opportunity to implement Mobility Cloud and deliver significant business process improvements for the company, however in-depth analysis was undertaken initially to clarify current procedures, identify potential efficiencies and plan a way forward.

Our Solution – VisionID Mobility Cloud

Our recommendation was to introduce the Mobility Cloud as part of the current structure. We demonstrated the solution for Prevent a Pest and they were extremely excited by the prospect of real-time reporting. The solution included barcode scanning which saved time and data such as notes and signatures could be captured on-site by the technicians, who could then share information across departments while on-the-go.

One of the most beneficial elements was the customised dashboard designed specifically to enable Prevent a Pest to get a birds-eye view on all the jobs in-hand including details on customers, sites and work-in-progress (WIP). Another key benefit was that a new web portal was implemented as part of the project, this is now available to customers who could track their own jobs, enabling the company to improve communications and deepen relationships with important clients.

The Outcome

The implementation of the new system has had significant commercial benefits, cutting down admin time and speeding up customer response times. It has also had unexpected benefits such as a strong improvement in staff morale as much of the repetitive admin. work has been eliminated and staff have been re-allocated to more interesting and fruitful tasks.

Technicians on site now simply scan barcodes and the information is seamlessly updated to central databases and easily accessed on the new dashboard.

Reporting procedures have now been improved too – now staff can run reports on an ad hoc basis if needed and store them digitally using the new software. The new reporting also includes route planning data through GPS mapping.

Customer satisfaction has improved and response times have reduced. The fact that clients can log in to a central web portal to access up-to-the minute data on job progress and reports has strongly contributed to improving the customer service.

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Feel your business could benefit from similar efficiencies? If your staff is mobile or you manage a fleet, then it’s highly likely that there is an opportunity for you to harness cloud and mobile technologies to improve performance.

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By visionid | Feb 01, 2017 | Blog

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