How Zebra’s Android devices can modernise your warehouse

Before e-commerce took over, the use of Windows operating systems was a safe strategy – but now, demands and warehouse environments have changed and ultimately, so have the risks that warehouses face.

The rise of e-commerce poses as a threat to outdated windows operating systems as they cannot meet the demands of today’s consumers. Workers in the warehouse now require more advanced mobile computing technology to keep up with theses changing demands.

How Zebra’s Android devices can modernise and optimise your warehouse procedures:

1. Order fulfilment is faster

Entering data is quick and easy with super-fast scanning and simple data entry methods, this means you can optimise your workflow efficiency to meet the requirements of the demand economy. Workers can enter data 40% quicker due to Androids intuitive touch-screen interface. Scanners can also capture multiple barcodes and data with a single scan!

2. Information is more accurate

The Zebra Android devices are designed to be precise, reliable and fast. This means they can capture 1D and 2D barcodes with ease along with the ability to pick up damaged and old barcodes too. These devices combine effective scanning and touch-screen accuracy to ease the use of workers and allow them to validate data entries in real time – allowing them to instantly locate the correct items to fulfil orders.

3. Onboarding times are quicker

Mobile devices can often impact workers’ productivity, that’s why Zebra’s Android devices are designed to be easy to use with several features contributing to this such as an intuitive touch screen, lightweight designs and fast data capturing – providing an overall better user experience. By modernising devices in the workplace, it allows you to cut training times for both temporary and permanent workers due to these easy-use devices.

4. Continuous uptime can be achieved

Zebra Android devices allow workers to stay productive with advanced hardware and software along with fast charging and hot-swap batteries that minimise device downtime. Power Precision battery analytics and Device Diagnostics software indicate when batteries need to be charged or replaced, allowing real time troubleshooting and eliminating unnecessary costly device repairs.



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By visionid | Mar 11, 2020 | Blog

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