How VisionID are driving the factory of the future

The factory of the future is inevitably bound by technology. By implementing capable, flexible and reliable technology businesses can accelerate growth, reduce costs in the long term and become more productive.

As technology is constantly evolving, roles within businesses are changing and workers need technology suited to their roles to communicate effectively and complete work in the most time efficient, accurate and productive way possible.

At VisionID, we pride ourselves on partnering with global digital transformation leaders such as Zebra and PTC who are shaping modern workplaces. VisionID offers the technology needed to transform operations and significantly shape the future direction of your business.

Here are just a few of the technologies that are driving the factory of the future:

1.Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) seamlessly overlays relevant digital information onto physical objects and surroundings. This information can include demonstrations, instructions, real-time data, and even safety alerts. In the workplace, employees can access this AR content via mobile and hands-free devices - precisely when and where they need it. AR has proven benefits for workforce optimization, from increased safety and efficiency to reduced error and waste.


Visibility Solutions refer to technologies used to track the location of an asset, product or even a person in real time usually within a constrained area. A variety of hardware to capture data, including sensing, tagging and mobility products are deployed and paired with a Location Engine to collect and manage this data. This then delivers operational intelligence and context, enabling companies to improve business decisions based on the location.


As a result of digital transformation, and industry 4.0 the need for hyper-reliable, easily managed network infrastructure has accelerated. Connectivity Solutions are needed to empower all IoT applications and optimise industry performances. VisionID can reliably and securely connect our users with their operations throughout the enterprise to improve overall business performance.

Our connectivity solutions include WiFi, LoraWan and 5g which are agile and adaptive, enabling digital transformation and improving output and productivity whilst ensuring network security for all compatible industry devices.

4.IoT Sensors

Industries are using IoT to manufacture and service products while also learning how they create value and engage with customers. IOT can connect your machines, people and processes to unlock real time visibility of critical assets and information. IoT can increase productivity by 10-25% and reduce downtime by 25%-50%.

5.Data Capture

By automating your data capturing processes, it will allow you to reduce time consuming manual data entry and increase accuracy of data eliminating human errors. VisionID offers data capture solutions which make everyday work easier - from barcoding to scanning, printing and verifying. Whether its retail, manufacturing, healthcare, warehousing or services industry, VisionID has a data capture solution that will suit your requirements.

6.Vision Systems

Vision systems are crucial for quality assurance in manufacturing where they play an important role by scanning and identifying issues with parts. Vision systems extract vital information from an image from which they use to determine the suitability of a product or part. This information can be used to inform how other parts of the production line are programmed and ultimately improve productivity in the manufacturing plant. VisionID partner with Cognex and Zebra to supply top of the range vision systems.

7.Automated Guided Vehicles

VisionID is fortunate enough to be partners with leading technology creators Zebra, who are driving the image of the factory of the future with advanced technology such as automated guided vehicles, enabling revolutionary change for companies through robotics. Some of the major benefits of automated guided vehicles include reduced labour costs, less human errors, elimination of damage to goods and parts, increased workplace safety and more.

8.Data Analytics

Data analytics tools help empower users to transform the way data is kept, allowing the physical and virtual workplace to come together. VisionID offers world class platforms such as Thingworx by PTC to offer a complete, end-to-end technology platform designed for the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Our partners are leading software developers who allow us to ensure our customers get the best possible solutions in order embrace digital change and meet evolving customer demands.

Our experts at VisionID can combine the relevant technologies needed to shape your factory into a more futuristic and productive environment. We can help you to transform time consuming paper based processes into productive digital processes with hardware, software and connectivity solutions to give you the edge needed to bypass competitors and stand out with a more connected modern workplace.

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By visionid | Sep 10, 2021 | Blog

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