How to turn your college campus into a smart campus

Managing campus services

Third level colleges and universities provide a multitude of services on campus to students and staff, from on site healthcare clinic, library, student accommodation and more. With so many services there is more work in ensuring that access to these services are only allowed by students and staff.
How to make your campus smart?

Many third level colleges and universities have taken the approach of utilising student and staff ID cards, not using it only as a form of identification, but also as an access card to services on campus. By using RFID enabled ID cards it allows the college to manage services on campus in areas such as:

  • Library – Improve and automate your library book management system. ID cards can be used for access control to the library and support book management. Students/staff can use their ID cards to check out and check in books. Supporting libraries in tracking book location and usage.
  • College building – Reduce administration and improve security in your educational facilities by using swipe-card access-control systems. Allowing you to record class attendance quickly and ensure that the right people are accessing the right rooms.
  • Student accommodation – Improve on-site security for your students by providing access control to student accommodation. Ensure that only authorised students and staff are able to access rooms and other areas.

Have a look at our virtual campus to find out more about the benefits and applications of using smart ID cards.

By visionid | Mar 26, 2018 | Blog

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