How Asset Tracking and Visibility Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

What are Visibility Solutions?

Visibility Solutions, otherwise known as Location Solutions are technologies used to track the location of an asset, person or thing in real-time. These are generally confined to an area.

With terms like “factory of the future” and “Industry 4.0” floating around there is pressure for Manufacturers to keep up with technology in order to stay competitive and ensure their business is growing and progressing in the right way.

Because of this, it is becoming increasingly important in the Manufacturing Industry to be able to track important assets in order to understand what is happening in different stages of the manufacturing process. Best-in-class manufacturers are now giving their physical assets a digital profile - enabling them to know the real-time location and condition of assets along with the timing and accuracy of the events occurring throughout the value chain.

Here are some of the Visibility Solutions that Manufacturers can use optimise the Visibility of critical assets:  

  • AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) solutions and advances in technology enable manufacturers to see what’s happening with all their operational events – assets, transactions and people – in real-time. When this visibility is aligned to single network connectivity, it creates an integrated production environment with data excellence at its heart.
  • RFID tags carry an RFID transponder, commonly called a ‘smart label’ to complement the barcode and text on the labels. Unlike barcodes, RFID technology requires no line-of-sight between the object and the reader. This solution enables the identification and recording of entire pallet loads in less time than it takes to scan a barcode shipping label. Up to 200% ROI can be achieved by implementing RFID technology.
  • Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) deliver precise visibility of critical assets – supply chain, manufacturing, and human, in real-time. For enterprises with geographically dispersed sites, this means having end-to-end visibility and traceability of all containers, pallets, and packages. For manufacturers, it enables intelligent management and flow of all critical assets, whether in the facility or in the yard.

How beneficial would it be for your business to know the location of assets, stock and people at any one time?

Benefits of Visibility Solutions:

  • Increased knowledge on critical business operations
  • Less time, money and energy put into tracking resources
  • Insight into the current state of the business & free up time to focus on business improvements & decisions
  • Less time wasted collecting data - more time for reducing capital expenditures, increasing revenues and improving workflows

Data visibility empowers you to orchestrate production and deliver to order, cutting out operator waiting time, reducing defects, and eliminating over-production. With complete visibility of the relationships and interdependence between items, processes and people, and transactions taking place, enterprises can move closer to the goal of true manufacturing visibility.

At the heart of the factory of the future will be visible, comprehensive and actionable data.

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By visionid | Mar 30, 2022 | Blog

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